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What is Analogue CCTV?

Analogue CCTV refers to a combination of a few different analogue CCTV signal technologies such as:

TVI – Transport Video Interface

AHD – Analogue High Definition

CVI – Composite Video interface

The primary purpose of these new signal types was to increase image resolution and transmission distance. This has been a success since their arrival, with AHD starting off with 720p, we’ve now hit the 4K ultra HD milestone with the AHD & TVI. Depending on the resolution, the signals can reach hefty cabling distances up to 500m unlike their rival IP technology maxing out at around 100m. We have some solutions if your cable distances are excessive, feel free to get in touch with one of us and explain your situation.

All of our analogue technology is powered by 12v, a low voltage power which requires no special qualifications to install or maintain. If you know how to use a drill, then you can install this equipment yourself easily. Or if you’re not comfortable fitting a CCTV system, any electrician will be able to carry out the task. We do as many settings as we can here in the store so you do not have to do anything unless you wish to customise your system, so anybody installing it does not need to be familiar with our equipment.

If you’re wondering which signal you should go for, these days it doesn’t really matter as most CCTV recorders and cameras will do any of the different signal types anyway, this is sometimes referred to as ‘Hybrid’. The TVI, AHD & CVI technologies are also interchangeable between manufacturers so you can mix and match from all sources and not have to worry about compatib¬† Despite the different signals coming from the same camera they can sometimes present different image qualities. We’ve found that typically the TVI signal offers the clearest images day and night and better vibrant colour, where as AHD can be difficult to notice the difference unless you knew what you were looking for. The CVI however is not a signal type we would recommend to use as it is poor in quality vs the TVI & AHD.

Analogue technology is useful for many situations. It can be used with coax or transmitted over ethernet cable with baluns. This is helpful if you are updating an older system but wish to use the existing cable, its obviously time & cost effective to avoid unnecessary re cabling.